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goddard racket The Goddard Tennis Club is one of the many social clubs sponsored by the Goddard Employees Welfare Association (GEWA).
The Goddard Tennis Club (GTC) is built and maintained by its members, who work at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD.


members Goddard Tennis Club Membership Form for 2015 PDF icon

All badge-carrying employees of GSFC (contractors, civil servants and retirees) and their immediate family members are eligable to join the Goddard Tennis Club. Members may bring one guest (if the guest is eligable to enter a federal site). See the Club flyer for a summary.

In 2015, annual dues remain $60 for basic membership to cover the annual construction and maintenance costs (no longer paid by GEWA):
- $60 basic membership ($30 after August 15; $25 for summer interns/students)
- $20 per family member (optional)
- $15 per guest card (optional, limit 1)
- $15 per ball machine privilege and key (optional)

wimbledon man Where to get GTC membership applications wimbledon woman
Fill out the PAPER form and snail-mail it to Andy Negri c/o Stephen Palm at GSFC Code 612.

claycourts Goddard Tennis Facility (click to visit)

GTC has 8 Har-Tru and 2 lighted hard courts in a sheltered area. Click on the courts pictured above to get: a map and directions, a tour, a description of court procedures and services, a history of the club, and GTC court maintenance.

This facility is managed by our elected officials:
- President: Maria Lecha,
- Vice-President: Mike Powers,
- Treasurer: Andy Negri,

Other jobs are carried out by volunteers:
- Ladder, grounds, and web: Dennis Chesters,
- Tournaments: Andy Negri,
- Sprinklers & Hard Courts: Dan Mandl,

tennis.ladder GTC Ladder (click for standings)

The GTC ladder season opens on April 15th and ends October 31st, inclusive. Traditionally, anyone can challenge anyone during the first month, with the 10-rung limit imposed for matches played after May 15th. Tournament play also counts as a ladder match, unlimited by the players' standings on the ladder. You can start your own community tennis ladder using the web site to organize a membership list and manage the standings.

sport_tennis GTC Tournaments

- Spring Singles - Memorial Day weekend, give or take a week
- Fall Singles - Labor Day weekend, give or take a week

Past winners of GTC singles tournaments (click to view).

The Memorial Day Weekend 2015 singles tournament was won by Justin Lazear, who defeated Sam Larson in the final (6-2, 6-1).

The Labor Day Weekend 2015 singles tournament was won by Hua Jiao, who defeated Sam Larson in the final (6-0, 7-5).

The GTC tournaments are Swiss-style round-robin: winners-play-winners and losers-play-losers every round, so everybody eventually plays opponents on their own level.

The tournaments are usually open to anyone qualified to play on the GTC courts: members, family members, and guests.

Tournament play counts as a ladder match, unless one of the players explicitly says "no" before the tournament match begins.

At the discretion of the ladder chairman, ladder members playing in and completing the GTC singles tournaments are promoted to the top of the ladder, in the order that they finish in the tournament. Ladder members who receive this promotion are subject to unrestricted challenges for the next 4 weeks.

Tournament registration is on a sheet posted at courtside a few weeks before the tournament, or via phone or e-mail to the tournament director.

The tournament director is responsible for seeding, based on ladder standings and best judgement of skill. Please don't argue with him/her/it.

Andy Negri, UMd/ESSIC, is the tournament director [].

Here are Andy's recommendations for running a tournament:
Among the things I bring are:

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite
Gal OJ
2 gal water with spigot
fig newtons
ice chests
plexiglass to cover paperwork
index cards to do matchups
cans new tennis balls for sale
plastic tablecloth (nice touch)

Attached are the flyer from 2005 Labor Day tourney (WORD)
and spreadsheet for ranking the players/recording the matches (EXCEL). 
This latter should print out on 11 by 17 paper if you select a tabloid-capable printer. 

EarthBall GTC News

tennis_sign GTC Tennis Lessons

Goddard Tennis Club will be offering tennis lessons at the Goddard Tennis Courts located adjacent to the Rec. Center starting on Monday, July 13, 2015.

The particulars for this 6-week session are as follows: Mondays and Wednesdays from 12noon – 1p.m., for Advance Beginners and Intermediates; and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12noon – 1p.m. for Beginners.

Racquets are provided, use of a ball machine, and an experienced instructor. Cost is $60/session payable at first lesson (cash or check only). Early registration will be held on Friday, July 10 at the courts from 12 noon to 1p.m., rain or shine, on a first-come-first served basis.

For questions, contact George Kallarakal [], 301-614-6954.
For more information and the application form, download the Tennis Lesson Application Form 2015. PDF icon

tennis_sign GTC Tennis Socials

GTC holds occasional fun get-togethers for players at all levels. Drills, lessons, pick-up games, singles and doubles are options. It is up to the GTC members to organize these.

tennis_sign Casual Play

GTC has a contact list for women and/or beginners who are just looking for casual play.

To get on/off the casual players list, contact

tennis_sign GTC Mailing List

GTC uses NASA's "lists" service to send mass-mailings to its members. Once on the GTC list, you receive all the club's broadcast e-mail. You can sign up for the GTC mailing list at, subject to approval by the GTC list administrators (the club officials).

tennis_sign GTC Management Reports

Treasurer's Report, start of 2015 (PDF, click to view). PDF icon

     Goddard Tennis Club Meeting Notes, March 24, 2015, 12 noon

1.	There is an open call for Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and
Secretary).   By GEWA policy, only one need be a Civil servant.  Contractors and
Retirees can also step up.   Pending no other candidates, the Officers are:
Maria Lecha, President; Mike Powers, Vice President and Andy Negri, Treasurer.   
2.	Financially, the club's balance increased last year.   This was helped by
all the volunteer labor, lesson revenue, and only one larger expense for a ball
machine replacement.   The membership increased from last year.  Discussion led
to maintaining the membership cost rates the same as last year.   The membership
form on the Website will be updated for 2015.  Donations are encouraged.   Two
club members went to a GEWA Council meeting three years ago.  GEWA was not in
position to assist financially.   Har-tru may be needed later this year.   Two
nets will be replaced with two that the club already has on hand.  More nets may
be needed later this year, approximately $150 each.     
3.	The maintenance cart frame has a lot of rust.   Gordon Labow will
investigate repair of the frame by the Auto Club.   He may be looking for
assistance.   There is the possibility of replacing the cart - approximately
$12K for a new cart or about $7K for a used cart.   The carts are a retrofitted
specialty cart for Har-tru tennis court maintenance.   
4.	Membership is required to use the courts.   Be sure to submit membership
forms and payments before playing on the courts.  Everyone's awareness and help
in monitoring is needed for surveillance.   A membership list is usually posted
on the bulletin board.   Each member is allowed one guest privilege for a fee. 
5.	The Har-tru courts are in good shape from the winter.   Courts 1 thru 4 are
now open, but a little soft.   The other Har-tru courts will be open with a week
or two.  The hard courts have some sticks and debris from the winter.  Hopefully
someone will use a leaf blower to clear some of the loose debris.   The water
will not be turned on for several weeks.  
6.	Martin Perrine will initiate a notice in Dateline about the Tennis Courts
opening for the season.  
7.	Dan Mandl and a group of members did some repair of the cracks on the hard
courts last fall.  The repairs did fairly well over the winter.  Dan is
interested in looking into renting a large power washer and some additional
repair by member work parties.  Some quotes for repair and painting by
contractors from Fall 2013 were in the range of $15 to $20K.  The club is not in
position to fund the repair at this time.   All of the members would need to
donate about $150 each to cover this cost.   
8.	The scaffold used to work on the electric lights on the hard court needs
rust removal and painting.   This item remains from last year.   The scaffold is
in the shed.  
9.	Mike Flick is interested in providing lessons starting about April 20 or
April 27, at lunch time, similar date to last year.   He is looking for someone
to help with running the ads and helping with the sign-ups.   Keiji Tasaki will
help, depending on his travel schedule.   Ads will be run in DATELINE and on the
Goddard Community Web page.  Email will be sent the Tennis Club email list.  
10.	There is still a request for volunteers to teach lessons after work.  Please
contact Kim Cousler if interested.  
11.	The weeds can be more easily dealt with the new sprayer that goes on the
12.	Andy Negri is organizing the Singles Tournaments for Memorial Day and Labor
Day weekends.  
13.	 Other possible activities that need volunteers to initiate and lead are
Open House Night(s)/Lunchtime(s), other (Doubles) Tournaments, etc.   If anyone
is interested in initiating a fun activity or a maintenance activity, there are
members that can assist and advise.  

You can get a membership application from the bulletin board at courtside, or download the GTC membership application form from this page.

Old GTC news and chat (click to view).

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