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Tennis Court Layout 23 March 1996 edition

tennis ball Tennis Court Dimensions

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tennis ball Laying Out Lines

  1. Establish the centerline between the net posts, and then locate two points 18' left and right of center along the net line, the doubles sidelines.
  2. From the doubles sideline at the netline, swing 39' arcs to the baselines. Then, swing cross arcs 53' 0-7/8" long to establish the intersections between the doubles sidelines and the baselines -- the four coners of the doubles court.
  3. From the corners of the doubles court, lay the doubles sidelines and baselines.
  4. Lay the singles sidelines 4' 6" inside the doubles sidelines.
  5. Lay the serving lines 18' from the baselines (21' from the net).
  6. Lay the centerline halfway between the sidelines (18' from the doubles sidelines).
  7. Lay a 6" long center line inside the center of the baseline.

tennis ball Laying Tapes on a Clay Court

  1. To assure straight and tight tapes, start by stretching a mason's line between each of the corner points of the doubles court. Anchor the mason's line firmly at the corners using 3 or 4 tapeline nails at each corner.
  2. At approximately 20' centers, drive a nail outside of the mason's line, anchoring it with the nailhead.
  3. Lay a Tape
  4. Repeat the above procedure for all the tapes.
  5. Don't forget the 6" center line.
Total line-length on one clay tennis court is 481 feet, which requires 1924 nails at 3-inch spacing.

Good Book

Reference: "Clay Tennis Court Maintenance" by Michael R. Humphrey, 1982, 74 pages, softcover by Bacon Street Press, Sherborn, MA.

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